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Janet Houck's - 
   Introduction to Miniature Horses

In 1978, an artist friend, Barry Leighton Jones, asked if I  would board a miniature horse stallion, Bucky, that his art gallery in Ft. Lauderdale had acquired to use for advertising. It  was to be for just a few months until they found a permanent place. I had three quarter horse mares and only 3 1/2 acres of which my house took up half. I agreed to take Bucky until they found another place.

Bucky made himself right at home. Even though he was only 32" tall, he thought he should be with the big girls. When the mares were in at night, I would put Bucky out in the pasture. Well, eight months went by and I asked Barry about paying on the board bill and about finding Bucky a permanent place. After a board meeting at the gallery, I was informed that they were giving Bucky to me in lieu of paying the board and feed.

Well, out of the stall and into the back yard with the pool went Bucky, our new miniature horse. He preferred drinking out of the pool to his water bucket. He loved to sneak into the house and run to my daughter's room. He would literally plant all four feet when we tried to make him leave.

Bucky would keep himself occupied by playing with the dog. They would chase each other and drag each other around by the tail. It was quite a sight to see. 

Bucky needed a friend of his own, so I decided to find a miniature horse mare. It wasn't easy because back then there were only about 2,500 miniatures. It took a year and a half to find April, a gray dapple mare.  Well, it was love at first sight and eleven months later I had my first miniature foal. I was hooked! Miniature foals are so cute, especially when they are only about 16" tall, weigh about 18 pounds; lay in my arms, suck on my finger, and fall asleep with their head on my shoulder. How could it get any  better?

Now, 33 years and over 250 foals later, I am still as excited at the birth of a miniature horse foal as I was for my first miniature born. My miniatures horses have become my best friends, next to my wonderful husband, Dick a  veterinarian. Working with these wonderful animals together as husband and wife and enjoying the new people we meet is truly a fulfilling experience.

Our breeding philosophy has been to produce superior animals by maximizing our band of broodmares with the best miniature horse stallions.  We feel our line of miniature horses, through selective breeding, has developed the quality characteristics of small size, strong bone, beautiful head, a well developed chest and rump, plus a wonderful personality.  We know we have accomplished our goal  when the offspring are better than their parents! We exhibit them for comparison with others of the breed to measure our success.