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Houck's Miniature Horses is privileged to have an owner-staff veterinarian on premise 24 x 7. This affords our horses the best care year round.

Recently we attempted our first embryo-transfer from one of our tiny 26.5" miniature horse mares.  Our attempt for an embryo-transfer was a success for the first 4 months but during the end of the fourth month our mare aborted to our disappointment. 

Our miniature horses have an excellent show career with many American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) and the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) World Champions and Top 10 Champions in halter and performance from our miniature horse yearlings, 2 year olds, and mature miniature horse mares and stallions. Our miniature horse farm was highlighted on RFD TV many times with world renowned, Clinton Anderson, of Down Under Horsemanship. He and his film crew stayed with us for 3 days and filmed our horses.  It was a learning time for us as Clinton has so many excellent ideas on training.

We have experience in shipping miniature horses world wide.  We have shipped two groups of miniatures to Israel .  We have the first and only miniatures horses in Jerusalem, Israel. Our miniatures in Israel were donated by a  family in honor of  their father. It was a wonderful experience for us as one of the care-takers flew over and stayed with us for both shipments. This way they would have some prior handling of the miniatures. The handler also was on the flight to care for the miniatures during the long flight to Israel.  Our miniatures are residing in the TISCH FAMILY ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS. If you are ever in Jerusalem please go visit them.


Our experience in world-wide shipping also expands to South Korea. We sent 6 miniatures horses this past Christmas, 2010 to South  Korea.  They flew out of Chicago and landed in Alaska for 4 hours and then continued on to South Korea. They had 10 days in quarantine there and then arrived to their final destination on the most southern point of South Korea. They will be around children and adults for showmanship training and training in pulling a cart. One of the 6 miniatures horse is in foal and expected to foal in April of 2011. We wish them great success in their breeding program and their hands-on training program.


Houck’s Miniature Horse Farm is approved as a quarantine facility for horses to be shipped overseas.  Our facility can isolate horses from other animals in a very comfortable atmosphere.  Having a veterinarian on the property 24 hours a day makes our facility an excellent choice above all other quarantine facilities.

Each country has different import requirements concerning quarantine, tests for diseases, and vaccinations that must be met prior to shipment.  Also, each country has a minimum time the horses must be in quarantine.  Knowing all of these regulations is a difficult task.  That is why we are an excellent choice for a quarantine facility.

The airlines have specific requirements for the shipping containers for horses. We know the airlines regulations and make the crates to fit the horses personal needs for each shipment. In some cases a groom will travel along with the horses in the cargo plane. We arrange all of that for our clients.

We have experience shipping animals around the world.  There is no task too large for us.

Come visit our facility and see the beautiful and loving miniature horses we have for sale.  We have been breeding miniature horses for over 30 years.

Please calls us for more information at 262 763 2764.


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