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Welcome to
"A1 Houck's Miniatures & Horse Farm"


We are members of the American Miniature Horse Association

The name for our web site, minindoc.com, is a result of putting a world-renowned veterinarian and his mini (miniature horses) together, hence minindoc.com

Houck's Miniature Horse Farm is unique from all other miniature horse operations around the country and world  because of my very experienced and world-renowned veterinarian-husband, Richard Houck. His experience spans from having a large animal clinic to being the sole veterinarian for Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus for 18 years. The extent of his  knowledge and training has been the edge we have over all other operations. When you buy a miniature horse from us you are guaranteed the perfect miniature with over 30 plus years of experience and quality.

Janet Houck

Buck Echo's Son
Our Miniature Breeding Stallion for 2013

COH Echo Astro
AMHA 147956 / AMHR 258175T
Foaled 2003 Perlino 28 inches


Astro was shown in 2005 on a limited basis.

Astro went out with a BANG at his last show and was Champion Junior Stallion and Grand Champion Stallion at the AMHA Show in Edinburg, Indiana in July 2005              






We want to thank  Pam and Rick Taylor for their confidence in us by letting us use their miniature horse stallion for breeding

The miniature horses shown in this web site are just some of our miniatures horses we are offering for sale.  We have many quality miniature horse foals, miniature horse yearlings, miniature horse mares and miniature horse stallions on our Miniature Horse Farm.   We invite you to visit our farm to see the fine miniature horses available for purchase.

Please review our Miniatures horses for Sale (Please click on this link)

Houck's Monique
European Supreme Miniature Horse Champion
Show MHCE (Miniature horse Club Europe) 2010
The judges :  John Eberth and Gareth A. Selwood

Our miniature horses have an excellent show career with many American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) and the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) World Champions and Top 10 Champions in halter and performance from our miniature horse yearlings, 2 year olds, and mature miniature horse mares and stallions. Our miniature horse farm was highlighted on RFD TV many times with world renowned, Clinton Anderson, of Down Under Horsemanship. He and his film crew stayed with us for 3 days and filmed our horses. It was a learning time for us as Clinton has so many excellent ideas on training.


Spring is fast approaching our miniature horse farm here in Wisconsin and there are many of our miniature horses shedding their winter coats. This is an exciting time because our miniature broodmares are beginning to foal and the foals love to get outside in the sunshine and run all around. Our miniature foals don't shed their hair coats like their dams so we begin body clipping the miniature foals in July.  That is when we take new photos of our miniature foals and put the new ones on our web site. Please come back and visit us for new photos and new 2013 foals that will be born here at Houck's Miniature Horse Farm . 

Member American Miniature Horse Association, AMHA, American Miniature Horses,  AMHA American Miniature Horse

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Houck's Farms offer Miniature Horses For Sale.   We have many quality miniature horses to choose from.   We only sell mini horses that we raise.  We breed for small colorful miniature horses.  The miniature horse pictures on our website are provided for you to understand the quality, prices, heights, information of our miniature horses.  We are experienced in breeding the small horses.  Houck's miniature horse farm invites you to visit our farms to experience the quality of our horses.  We sell miniature horses worldwide.  We supply coggins test, interstate vet health paper and updated registration papers on all our miniature horses.  We can provide additional information for shipping horses any where in the world. We are a sponsor of the American Miniature Horse Association.